The roles of Leontes and Camillo

Since September, the talented cast of The Winter's Tale (this year's Senior Play) have been rehearsing and developing their acting skills in order to be ready for three big performances coming up on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December this year.

The Winter's Tale is an exciting and thought-provoking Shakespeare play with something for every audience member, flipping from moments of darkness and despair to moments of hilarity and joy. It features perhaps the most famous (and challenging!) line of stage direction in the history of theatre - 'Exit, pursued by a bear'. Wanting to make the play feel more intimate and intense, the creative team have decided to stage the production on a thrust stage, pulling the action out into the audience and creating an overall more immersive piece of theatre. Another new addition to the play will be a live band, with students playing music throughout the show. Featuring original pieces written and conducted by Zach Yarrow (Year 12), the show promises to be vibrant and memorable.

The main role in the play - Leontes, King of Sicilia - will be played by Louis Williams (Year 13) whilst Jen McCallum (Year 12), will take the part of his wife, Hermione. Florizel and Perdita will be played by Year 12 students Natty Wilson and Harriet Powell. And the bear? Well, you'll have to wait and see...!

Technical notes

The Winter's Tale is technically ambitious. As well as accommodating our onstage rock band, we are trying new ways of using projections and strobe lighting. Further to this there is the task of training up a huge intake of new Year 10 and 11 crew members, teaching them how to use the lighting and sound equipment and how to make scene changes effectively.

Ultimately, it's looking like it will be an exceptionally good show, and we would really like to share it with the whole Challoner's community and further afield too. Tickets are priced at £6 for students and £8 for adults. Please email Matron at to order tickets, or go and speak with her directly. We hope to see you there!