Midway through a talk

All of Year 12 took the afternoon off to go and see a production at the Wycombe Swan Theatre called Safe Drive Stay Alive. It featured eye-opening anecdotes from a worker in each of the services involved if a serious road accident was to occur. Through this medium, the consequences of careless driving were explicitly explained, from the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the importance of wearing your seatbelt. Each of the stories were delivered with shocking detail, and many included victims that were our age or even younger.

Perhaps most poignant were the extremely moving firsthand recounts from the mother of a motorcyclist who died in a crash and a survivor of a car crash. Many in the audience were moved to tears when witnessing the absolute devastation careless driving can cause, both for those involved in accidents as well as their peers and family. With many of us beginning to take our driving lessons, their words were an apt warning to everyone present.

A recurring theme in the servicemen's stories was the fact that the horrors they have witnessed as a result of careless driving will stay with them forever. For the audience, their words, and the perpetual mantra of the performance 'Safe Drive, Stay Alive' will hopefully come to mind every time they find themselves in a situation where driving is a potential threat to life. Needless to say, no one had to be reminded to put their seatbelt on for the coach journey home!