A few students in Years 12 and 13 attended an engaging biology lecture on 'Life before Fertilisation'. Those who were interested in the enthralling topic arrived at Wycombe Abbey School to receive a talk by Dr Tim Weil, who is a lecturer of zoology and also a fellow at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

The poster for the event

The lecture started with a description of how Dr Tim Weil got to his current position. This included explanations of the qualifications he had received with tips and details about standing out in university interviews. He then moved onto the zoology part of the lecture, with pictures and videos of the revolutionary work he does with Drosophila (fruit flies). He also explained how an oocyte (a cell in an ovary) undergoes meiosis to become an embryo. As a prominent researcher, he spoke of a few fascinating accounts of his work with the calcium wave that occurs during the Drosophila oocytes’ activation stage.

The evening then concluded with pizza and a chance to ask Dr Tim Weil questions about his work. The students who attended claimed the lecture was 'a captivating speech, delivered in an engaging style'. Huge thanks are due to the Wycombe Abbey School for hosting the event!