On Thursday, students in Years 7 and 8 were given talks by groups of Sixth Form students on the important topic of drugs.

Year 8 perspective:

‘We were taught all about the harmful effects of addictive drugs like smoking and alcohol. The Sixth Form played a huge part in educating us in what is good and what is not. The main focus of the lesson was getting us to ask as many questions as we needed. A huge variety of drugs were discussed in a very engaging talk. Many thanks go to the Sixth Formers who gave up their time to educate the younger students on such a vital issue.’

Sixth Form perspective:

‘As a Sixth Former, teaching younger students about this is very important. I know that whilst this may not be a worry for the lower school at the moment, the future will bring many drug related decisions that our students will have to make. I feel like it is partially my responsibility as an older student to do my bit to help them make the correct decisions when they are older. But part of it is just giving them the facts about drugs, smoking and alcohol. These students deserve to know what the effects of these addictive substances are. No drug dealer gives you drugs and tells you the side effects. Therefore, we prioritised telling them the effects of various drugs, excessive smoking and binge drinking so they know what the risks are when they are older. We hope that they now understand what damage an addiction can do to you and that our advice and warnings will stay with them in the future.’