The Senior German exchange gives a chance for those doing A Level German to improve their German listening and speaking, and for the German exchanges to practice their English before they go on to do their Abitur (the German equivalent of A Levels).

The first leg of the journey saw the exchanges met with a rainy English welcome. Rain seemed to feature a lot throughout their two trips into London, one of which involved walking to see the Thames Barrier.

Across the Thames - Malina Weichert

However, the main aim of the Exchange is to gain work experience in our host country. My exchange spent five days in a café, where she improved her conversational English and even received a tip! Other places of work involved primary schools and Café Africa.

The evenings consisted of a variety of activities for the exchanges, from trying traditional fish and chips (which was not wholly enjoyed by all), to spending a night with their exchange family. On the Wednesday, we all went to Tom Yum in Amersham so we could catch up with each other about the experiences from the exchange whilst enjoying a delicious meal.

I can’t wait for the next phase of the visit, where I’ll be working in a café in central Berlin. I hope to reach a confident level of speaking before my oral exam.