Students in Year 9 were lucky enough to travel to John Hampden Grammar School in High Wycombe for a French-themed visit. The trip consisted of a brief vocabulary workshop with students from JHGS, and then an opportunity to watch a play performed entirely in French.

On arriving we promptly began our first activity which involved answering questions from a booklet based on an extract from the play- a challenging but very enjoyable exercise! At the back of the booklet was a huge list of French verbs, adjectives and phrases which will undoubtably come in handy when revising for exams.

Afterwards we moved on to the main event: the French play. Called ‘Les Garçons’, meaning ‘the boys’, the play lasted for an hour and was extremely entertaining and humorous. Most of us got the gist of what was going on as the actors spoke slowly so we could understand their French dialogue more easily. It even involved a couple of us going up on stage and participating, which was quite enjoyable for the rest to watch!

This was a brilliant experience and thanks are owed to the Languages team and John Hampden Grammar School for making the visit possible.