Rock lecture - Dan New (Year 12)

When people think of rock music, they assign bands such as AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Queen, Nirvana and Metallica to the genre. Less noticed is the hidden physics of the sounds that are so popular. While it may not seem it, the science behind this music revolution has allowed for a greater variety of sounds.

Organised by Miss Binnion, Key Stage 4 and the Sixth Form were treated to a lecture that explained how physics plays such a big part in something that is present of most of our daily lives. While people were filing into the school hall, the lecturer played requests from those lucky enough to sit at the front. After convincing everyone that his name was real, Dr Lewney gave background information about himself, telling us more about his PhD in Guitar Physics. He went on to explain how sound is caused by vibrations of different frequencies, using a Slinky to demonstrate different frequencies.

Harmonic motion - Dan New (Year 12)

Not only did Dr Lewney talk about the physics of electric guitars work he also explained how the human voice works, discussing vibrations and the medium for those vibrations - and inevitably cracking out the helium for an example. Dr Lewney then moved the lecture into the realm of String Theory, giving us a brief window into this complicated but intriguing area of science. With plenty of jokes and some good music, Dr Lewney delivered a very entertaining and humorous talk; and a special thank you goes to Miss Binnion for organising a valued and informative hour.