In the changing rooms - Anish Rajani (Year 10)

Year 10 students doing Business Studies have enjoyed a visit to Stamford Bridge, home to Chelsea Football Club, to learn about the business behind football. The day started off with a trip to the press room where we learnt about the income of Chelsea FC. They have the fifth largest revenue in world football and their income figure is around the £350m mark. Obviously the Chelsea fans amongst us were very happy to marvel at the sight of all the shirts hanging in the home changing room: here we learnt about the players themselves and how they buy and sell players. Not to mention the incredible wages. One main question was on our minds, however: 'How can I fit one of these shirts into my bag?'

In the crowds - Anish Rajani (Year 10)

The day continued as we walked out onto the pitch and sat in the dugout. We learnt about the history of each stand and were told that on average, the club earns £2.7m per home match. We carried on, into the museum and to my despair, their Champions League trophy was proudly displayed. This part really taught us about the history of Chelsea and how they have expanded as a business to become, now, one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the world.

Overall this was a great visit, and as Business students we took away a lot of information about the business activity in football clubs. On behalf of all of us, I'd like to thank Mr Laferton and Mr Gledhill for leading this visit and making it an enjoyable day.