Viewing the bridge - Anish Rajani (Year 10)

Year 10 geographers had the wonderful opportunity over the last few days to visit the London Docklands - a case study of urbanisation in a More Economically Developed Country (MEDC). The visit started at the Excel Arena in the centre of the Docklands next to Victoria Dock, looking around at the land use on both sides of the river. We learnt how the Docklands had been the centre of trade and industry before its decline in the 1960s, and we were able to see its dramatic redevelopment in action.

Emirates Air line - Anish Rajani (Year 10)
Consulting the map - Anish Rajani (Year 10)

A short walk down the river led to the highlight of the visit – a journey across the Emirates Air Line (a cable car across the River Thames). It gave an amazing view of the Docklands as well as the Olympic Park, Central London, the Shard and Canary Wharf – our next destination, where we had lunch. Everyone was excited that having seen the skyscrapers from a distance, here we now were in the middle of them! The visit was concluded by a boat trip from one end of London to the centre, where one group even had a chance to see the poppies at the Tower of London. We would like to thank the Geography Team for organising such an amazing visit.