Presenting to an audience - Dan New (Year 12)

One of the great ways Sixth Form students have the chance to develop many core skills needed at university and throughout their careers is through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). It provides a vital opportunity to gain experience of planning, time management, researching, problem solving and evaluation skills, all of which universities look for in a candidate. The EPQ allows students to choose an area of interest, and either create an artefact or write a report of 5,000 words based on that topic.

With the guidance and support of a supervisor, many enjoy extending their knowledge of a subject that particularly interests them. This year's topics varied from the European economic crisis of 2008, to the architectural and engineering challenges of building a bridge across the Solent to connect mainland UK to the Isle of Wight, and the development and creation of a working remotely piloted aerial vehicle with a mounted camera. Other students devised and recorded pieces of music or conducted scientific experiments. The culmination of the EPQ was the exhibit, in which students spent the evening showcasing their work to both their supervisors and a wider audience.

UAV - Dan New (Year 12)
Bridge - Dan New (Year 12)

As part of their assessment, students gave presentations on their chosen topic based on their artefact or report. Here, students spoke about how they have progressed through the course, including a review of their own learning and performance. Needless to say, this year's group all performed excellently and can be congratulated for their efforts.

A wealth of research - Dan New (Year 12)