As part of their Business Studies course, GCSE Business students were set the task of creating their own drink. The project stretched over a number of weeks and culminated in the annual 'Dragon's Den' presentation, where each group of up to 8 students pitched their product to the judges in the hope of winning against their peers.

The competition incorporated many valuable areas of business, ranging from the marketing aspects of branding and advertising to the selling points and profit margins of their drink. As such, students came up with all sorts of fantastic and wonderful products that really showcased the creativity of the two classes.

The winners of the competition were the group ‘Crowned Crane’ who based their drink around the African country Uganda, using all of the exotic flavours and incredible values associated with the country to push their drink to victory. They will continue on to the regional finals, held in the early months of 2015, where they will compete against other qualifying teams from the local area.

Overall the event was a great success for all involved. Every team performed very well both in the creation of the product and on the day itself.