Over the summer term 18 students in Years 9 and 10 took part in the Chiltern and South Bucks Model United Nations alongside students from Chesham High School and The Beaconsfield School. Some students were assigned a media house, from Russia Today to CCTV from China. Most though, were assigned a country, from Iran all the way to the powers of Russia and the USA.

Michael Vallance (Year 10) said, “we worked collaboratively with our partners from another school with whom we researched the politics of our country, or the background of our media institution. We then had to prepare for a formal UN debate on the global issue of forced displacement and refugees. After much effort we finally met on Friday 13th July in the Amersham Council Chambers where we presented opening statements showing our countries positions, or, in the case of the media, reporting on events. Through lots of debating and negotiating ideas started to come to the fore and two resolutions were slowly formed. Throughout the day the Media Teams were tweeting news updates of the developments in the discussion. Finally two resolutions were put forward, both presented by Year 9 students and all countries represented voted for their preferred resolution. What a day! Thank you to all of the students and staff who gave their time to support us in such a fantastic project”

The Humanities students spent a large amount of time working on this collaborative Model United Nations Project. The culmination of their effort saw many of them recognised for their contributions on the day of the Conference.