With the support of King Neptune, Year 7 students, tutors and staff departed with the wind in their sails, transferred from the learning environment of Challoner’s to the inspirational United Kingdom Sailing Academy in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Some of the highlights included using the Academy’s simulator suite to take command of Commercial Ocean-going vessels and later joining the captain on the bridge to see live radar in action, taking the helm of a keelboat into the Solent and enthusiastically fending off imaginary sharks having learned the drill in a mock abandon ship exercise! Students learned how to tie the best knots for building a raft and enjoyed kayaking up the river Madina, fuelled by the legendary full English breakfast supplied by UKSA.

It was a successful venture and thanks go to UKSA for providing an excellent programme, the staff for their support, and especially to all the Year 7 students for making this such an enjoyable learning experience.