It has been nearly eight weeks since all of the UK went into lockdown. In these unusual times, people have begun to make changes to their lifestyle and their daily routines. Some have created YouTube channels, some have started pursuing their passion, and some have begun to learn a new instrument.

Lockdown has given us lots of time to explore new ventures and ideas in our lives and I have taken this chance too. A little while ago I launched a blog called 'Confessions of a Reading Freak'. This blog includes my lockdown experiences, as well as explanations about how coronavirus might affect humanity.

I believe that blogs are some of the best ways to express views and news to people; they are entirely unfiltered, and I think they have a personal touch that newspapers and websites lack. I decided that I would like to show everyone a new perspective on this unprecedented crisis - one that is informed and professional but is still relatable and engaging to read. Having just hit 100 visits recently, I would like to expand this blog and get even more people to see it.

I made this blog with Wix, simply because it was the easiest way to make a website. It has lots of useful add-ons with which I could develop the site and my online presence. I created a logo and edited the site, changing its settings to make it exactly how I wanted. This was the hardest stage of development - there were a lot of tools to play with and a lot of choices.

The last part of this is writing the blogs. Firstly, I researched the information that I wanted to use, making sure it was from a trustworthy and reputable source. I do this by using information that I can quality-check and get from various sources, ie. different people saying the same thing. I do this for any statistics I use, such as a death toll or the number of people in quarantine/lockdown. I also try to use information that comes from experts: scientists, virologists, GPs, etc. This is very important to me, as I think that having accurate information that is correctly supported is a key part of blogging.

Setting up this blog has given me something to work towards and push forward with. It has given me some structure in my new lifestyle, as well as allowing me to express my ideas and opinions in this way. I post a new blog once a week - the topic of the blog changes depending on what is going on at that time (they have all been about the current situation and coronavirus so far). Please, have a look if you are interested and leave a comment if you like it.

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