The morning of the 3rd May 2019 saw the Year 11 Student Investor Challenge team set off for the national finals of this economics-related competition, following success in the first two rounds and managing to achieve an impressive eighth place out of 5000. The team, consisting of myself, Tom Hunter, Mikaeel Syed and Sully Burnside, met early at the bus stop, dressed in suits and ties, eager to start our journey to Bank Station.

Our morning at Peninsular House involved a trading simulation challenge. We had the opportunity to use the app Retrader, which allowed us to model real-life scenarios. This taught us how interest rates affect bonds, equities, and foreign exchange, and how one piece of news can impact the price of stocks. We had three different events to relive, which included Brexit and Donald Trump becoming president.

Tension started to build during lunch as we prepared for our next challenge - the presentation. We were tasked with creating a presentation based on a case scenario given to us beforehand. We were the last to present, so we had the privilege of listening to the other teams presentating before us. Before long, it was time for us to be adorned with our microphones and prepare for our presentation. Despite being slightly daunted at the prospect of being faced with such a challenge, we showed no signs of nerves as we calmly presented to the judges.

Although we did not come out on top in this prestigious final, the whole day was very successful and we are all thankful for the opportunity given to us, and for Mr Iyengar for coming with us on the day. We hope we can get to the final next year and learn from the experience we have gained in this competition.