If someone were to stumble into Challoner’s just before half term, the scene would have been out of the ordinary - this was due to the ‘World of Work’ week opportunity given to the Year 10s. One of the main differences of the week to a normal onewas our attire. From lounge suits to bowties; all forms of business clothing made an appearance, to help us feel like we were in a working environment.

The first task that faced us was to perform a song and a dance routine to the rest of our class. At first glance most thought of it as a task to show our performing skills, but at a deeper level, it was about leadership and teamwork. To help reinforce this point, a leader had to come forward, rather than be elected, and it was their job to make sure that the group’s performance was ready on time and completed to a high standard. After a morning of frantic practice, it was time to see the performances. Most acts were very nervous, however after a few seconds everyone was enjoying themselves, and having a laugh whilst learning.

Our next task would span over two days and would be a longer, harder and more challenging endeavour for everyone. We had to design and pitch a new product. One group chose to make a portable box for the homeless whilst another made a series of products to help students to wake up in the morning - something we could all relate to!

We pitched our ideas to our classes, and after a tough decision, each group’s mentor would select a group to go forward and pitch to the whole year group, as well as to a panel of judges. What followed could only be described as some of the best pitches the judges had ever seen - so good in fact that some could even hold up in Dragons’ Den. Teams included videos, intricate scripts and some even made prototypes of their products. A difficult decision was ahead for the judges and after a nerve-racking wait, Holman’s group were declared the overall winners.

This was the end for the working life section of our week, and after awards were given for Merit, Distinction and ‘Student of the Year’, we bid a thank you and goodbye to Russell and his team at Working Life.

The last two days of the week would be where we put the skills learnt in the previous days into action. We were set the task of making an advert and a new website for the school, which we would later have to pitch to senior members of staff, including the headmaster. Many groups decided to focus on the core values at Challoner’s as well as what it meant to them being a student here.



Having written scripts, filmed interviews and finalised everything we got the opportunity to pitch to four members of staff to hopefully get a place in the final in front of the year group and senior members of staff. To add more pressure, this was a house competition, so winning really did matter.

The three finalists were from Holman, Pearson and Rayner, all with very different approaches in how they thought best to advertise the school. Holman focused on six students, each one representing a different value of the school. Pearson decided to be more specific and focus on the three values they found the most useful from their own experiences. Rayner again focused on all the values but this time showed them in a classroom setting. Holman came out victorious, with their clear and well delivered presentation and interesting video.

A thank you needs to go to Mrs Kingslake who is leaving this year and has organised this event for many years now, as well as the many other members of staff that helped to put the week together. The thank you also needs to extend to Russell and his team for teaching us skills that will help us greatly in later life.