From 10:00 am until 3:00 pm on two recent Saturdays, a total of 80 Sixth Form students came into school to take part in Mathematics Revision Workshops for their AS and A2 examinations. Working collaboratively on the Learning Level of the Sixth Form Centre they were consolidating their mathematical knowledge, learning new mathematical techniques and becoming more confident in their mathematical problem solving.

Whilst doing so their generosity raised in excess of £400 for the charity EduHaitian who provide vulnerable children in Haiti with the opportunity for an education. This comes on top of our Charity Day in December, which raised £2300 for this cause.

It costs about £250 a year to send a child to school in Haiti, so this money has gone a long way to giving a group of children a chance they otherwise would not have had. The money has also enabled three women to go to university. Well done to all the students who have contributed. Year 12 and 13, whilst making a difference to your own lives you have made an incredible difference to someone else's!

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