Last week was a great experience for students in Year 10, where they could see what the world of work is really like.

For the first half of the week a group called Working Life, run by our mentor Russell, came to the school to teach us about the values and qualities needed to be successful in later life. We learnt how to conduct ourselves in an interview and write a job application. In randomly mixed groups we had to work with our classmates in completing a series of challenges. As well as this, everybody got a certificate for completing the course, with some people getting merits, distinctions and three getting awarded the title of Student of the Year. These were Hassan Ghafoor, James Eykyn and Gianluca Abbate.

For the second half of the week we were split into groups of 15 and tasked with producing an advert for the school. We were able to apply the techiques we had previously learned and organise ourself into different roles such as Project Manager, Film Director, Editor and Storyboard Artist. Whilst the mornings were spent meticulously planning, the afternoon was filled with frantic students filming across the school in an attempt to film all their footage before the end of the day. The week concluded as the top three adverts were showcased in front of the whole year group, judged by a professional marketing director, with Foxell 1 being the overall winners.