Last March, 30 students from DCGS travelled to Marseille for a French exchange with Lacordaire school. However, the excitement wasn't over yet as last Wednesday, students from Lacordaire travelled to Britain to stay with their DCGS exchange families.

Boys Abroad! - Exchange with Marseille

For me, the exchange started with the ringing of the doorbell and upon answering the door finding a friendly face - Rémi, my French exchange! After a happy reunion in both English and French, we fed him a traditional English meal - none other than bangers and mash before tucking him in for the night.

Harry Potter World

The next morning, we travelled to school together where he met his French teachers who took him into London, giving him the opportunity to visit the British Museum, the London Aquarium and to go on the London Eye. At the weekend, we decided to take Rémi on a little excursion of our own; heading to High Wycombe where we bounced inside the biggest trampoline park in Buckinghamshire - Rush UK. Returning home hot and sweaty, it was fair to say Rémi had never done anything like it. The exchange is a brilliant opportunity for both the English and the French students to experience new activities that they’d never be able to try at home and this was a prime example of one.

Sadly, like all good things, it all whirled past too quickly and soon we were waving farewell to our French friends. I can be sure to say that we all enjoyed ourselves immensely with our exchanges, showing them the typical life of an English schoolboy. We also learnt dozens of new and bizarre French phrases and taught some English ones in return as we showed our French friends the way we live on this side of the Channel.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the teachers from DCGS and Lacordaire who helped organise the exchange, ensuring a brilliant experience for all involved. À bientôt!