Each year FSE Design host a national photography competition for schools. This year over 1,000 people entered and so I was over the moon when I found out that I had been shortlisted, placing in the top 35 in the country! I had entered the secondary competition which was for students between Year 7 and Year 10, and the theme was ‘aspirations’. So I started to look for an abstract way to capture this theme, in a way no one else would think of. Then one day, in the evening, my sisters were writing words on the ground in chalk and I thought of my idea. So I wrote ‘aspirations’ on the ground and put some objects around it and asked my sister to add some decorations to it, then I took the picture.

Unfortunately I didn't get further than the shortlist, but I'm still really pleased with this and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would like to thank Photography Club for introducing me into photography and developing my skill.

Aspirations - Jai Daurka, Year 8