The Library Information Centre was the place to be during lunch on Wednesday as the students eagerly awaited the Samurai event.

Mr Keen, one of our ICT teachers, arrived bearing large bags filled with a variety of swords and started the session with an interesting presentation covering a short history of Feudal Japan. He explained how Samurai means ‘to serve’ and that the Samurai followed a set of rules that became known as Bushido, the Way of the Warrior. Mr Keen went on to describe how Kendo, Way of the Sword, is still a martial art today and things got very exciting when the swords were produced! The students were shown three different types of sword: Katana, Shinai and the Bokken and enthusiastically asked many questions about them.

The session ended with Mr Keen giving a demonstration with a selection of wooden swords and of course he had many volunteers. The students are already asking when the next event will be so hopefully Mr Keen, who has previously shared his knowledge of Viking history, has another interest involving weapons!