The Year 12 geographers recently enjoyed a trip to Chesil Beach, staying at the working Magdalen Farm. We spent three days deepening our knowledge of coasts, in preparation for our coursework.

At four different sites, we collected evidence of the beach gradients, sediment size and environment in groups. By the end of our trip, we had a large pool of data that could be used in coursework for a pilot study. We got to learn how to use specialised equipment, how to graph evidence, draft hypotheses and even how to DIY a ranging pole with a group member when one piece of the equipment got sadly lost to the sea.

Also, staying on a working farm meant we had the opportunity to meet lots of very cute piglets and enjoy the rural scenery. It gave us incentive to work together in the classroom and apply the knowledge we were gaining more practically, as well as providing the perfect setting for the Magdalen Farm Geography Quiz 2022 which really invigorated team spirit.

Many thanks to the Geography Department for organising this brilliant trip.