The events unfolding in Ukraine over the last few weeks have sent shockwaves through the world. They have caused an enormous refugee crisis resulting in roughly a million Ukrainians having to leave their homes to neighbouring countries with only a few belongings and even less food and water.

To help aid the humanitarian crisis, DCGS held two days of food collections with the aim of delivering food and other essentials to Ukrainian families that have fled their homes - and what a tremendous success it was. The whole school community banded together to provide a supermarket or two’s worth of supplies for those who really need it most. We were overwhelmed to see the sheer amount of staff, students and parents who were ready to help out and provide. Teams of Sixth Formers’ banded together to help sort out all the goods into appropriate boxes and bags and to load the minibuses.

Finally, a massive thank you to all the staff and students that orchestrated this event and to all those who donated so generously. In times like these, it’s easy to see how much good a little bit of school spirit and teamwork can do to help others.