On Monday of this week, Year 8 received a visit from the action, fantasy writer, Marcus Alexander, author of the Keeper of the Realms series. However, this talk was to take a different route, one in which Marcus Alexander didn’t talk about his books at all!

Instead, the talk commenced with Marcus recounting how he has been a budding travel-enthusiast since childhood and saved up to travel from the earliest he could. We were told of the countless countries he’s been too, the strange foods he’s tried - from sharks to dogs - and the weird sports he’s tried in Thailand and Brazil. After this, Marcus talked about how passionately he feels about the importance of a writer actually experiencing what they write about. He says that there is nothing worse than an author who has no idea what they are talking about, which resonated very well with the rest of the students.

To end the talk, he answered a variety of questions, ranging from the strangest foods he’s eaten to the process of getting a book published. Overall, it was an interesting event, and thanks must go to Marcus Alexander for coming in and sharing his experiences with us.