Challoner's Speaks is an annual, speech competition held at our school. Each year, the English department chooses a different topic and all the pupils write a speech about that subject. Each year group (years 7-11) are allocated a set amount of time in which they need to speak. Challoner's Speaks gives each student an opportunity to give their opinion on that particular topic.

This year (2019-20), the topic was along the lines of ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’. Each pupil wrote a speech and performed it to their form and their English teacher picked the top speech based on the best illustration of the chosen topic for that year. The winning pupil then competed against the other winners from other forms in that year group.

The winners of each year group were presented to in their Key Stage assembly. The winners were Max Thomas (7F), Divit Kelmani (8V), Barney Sticklen (9Z) and Tom Vranch Ward (10R).

Overall, Challoner's Speaks is a fun speech competition which provides the opportunity for students to give their opinion on a certain topic.