The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is a chance for Year 12 students to convey their independence, time management and organisation skills. Over the course of around six months they have the opportunity of producing an essay on a subject of their choice. Later in the year, these are showcased to an audience of teachers, other students and parents at the EPQ Exhibition. It is a new experience for many and prepares students for university, as well as helping them to become more critical, reflective and independent as people.

Students have the responsibility of the choice of subject matter and for their own time planning. From subjects like ‘Knife Crime’ to ‘Migration’ and even ‘Economics’, there is a diverse range in the subjects that students choose to produce their project on. However, not all students produce an essay. Some students fabricate an artefact. Speaking to some Year 12s, some people make albums if their project is music based showcasing the work they have made.

The whole EPQ process of planning, research, analysis and evaluation is put towards the total grade, not just the Exhibition at the end of the long six months. Students also have to include sources in their project, referencing where they found certain pieces of information. This is a vital skill to take with them into their future studies in university and thus, the EPQ acts as good practice.

This year, the Year 12’s results reflected the incredible amount of effort, time and dedication they had put into producing their projects. The grades this year were; A-A*: 68% and B-A*: 88%. These are exceptional results and congratulations must go to all of the students taking the EPQ.

Thank you to Ms Nicholls and the EPQ team for supporting and encouraging the students over a long six months, and of course a very well done to all the Year 12s for their excellent projects!