@dasbait: the Twitter handle of one of Challoner’s own, tragically taken from his family and friends at the young age of 17. I did not know Hussein Shamshudin, but from what I have heard from people who talk about him, it is clear that he was a relentlessly charitable, generous and kind person. Hussein’s family ensured that his positive impact on the world continued, even after he was gone, and so in 2012, in Hussein’s honour, they created Dasbait.

Dasbait seeks to reduce poverty in India, and one of the best ways to do that is through a proper education system. However, 25% of India’s population lives below the poverty line, and so more often than not, the reality of survival and sourcing the next meal outweighs the desire for an education. Dasbait funds charities such as Zidni Ilma, which annually provides the university education of over 2000 students and the Resit Matriculation Programme, which annually facilitates 250 students to take their matric exam (equivalent to GCSEs).

Dasbait’s fundraising events has, to date, raised a staggering £32,000, providing many children with healthy meals, medical care and proper education. All of this is done in the beloved memory of Hussein Shamshudin.

£13 buys a food pack which feeds one family for one month. Dasbait has delivered over 1500 packs.

£17.50 will support one child in receiving daily tuition for six months so that they can obtain a basic qualification. Dasbait has supported over 380 students.

£250 will pay for annual medical or engineering course fees. Dasbait has funded 250 students.

£300 will fund a two day medical camp in a slum area servicing upto 150 people. Dasbait has funded ten medical camps since 2017.

To donate to this incredible charity please visit this link!