On Monday, author and adventurer Matt Dickinson came to Year 9 to talk about writing. Matt Dickinson is famous for writing many books, such as the three part series Mortal Chaos and The Everest Files. In addition, he has been on many adventures that have taken him around the globe; these have ranged from scaling Mt. Everest to crossing Antarctica.

Since he was little, Matt says that he has alway loved the wilderness, and even remembers a school trip that took him to Morocco. To date, he has climbed up to 40 mountains, and has travelled to about 100 countries! Once, whilst ascending up a mountain, he and his crew were faced with life-threatening avalanches, which, luckily, he escaped from. His further hobbies include photography, reading, and painting.

Matt has always had a passion for writing. From a young age, he has entered many short story competitions. He has also written many fiction books, some of which take up to a year to write! So far, he has written 12 books. He says that his favourite author is George Orwell, though he also loves J. R. R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. He has also appeared in many TV shows - like the BBC’s Classic Adventure - and and has participated in many radio show interviews.

Matt says the key to being a good writer is to write about something you are really passionate about. He suggests publishing a blog, and uploading as many short stories to it as you possibly can. He also says reading is a huge part of writing, and to read as many books as you can get hold of.

A massive thanks to both Matt Dickinson for coming to DCGS and to Mrs Cornelius for organising this entire visit.