Once a year, a global event brings students from Greece, the Netherlands, and the UAE, testing their knowledge of international relations, global events, and the student’s debating skills. Yes, it is another round of HABSMUN.

A Model United Nations (MUN) conference is where school delegations must represent the ideals and policies of a particular nation in the different UN committees modelled in the conference. And this conference is the most prestigious of them all, taking place in Haberdashers Aske’s School for Boys, and inviting students from all over the world, it is truly an honour to come back to the conference again.

Our students represented South Africa this year and had to represent themselves in a wide range of committees, including the Health Committee, Disarmament, and Security Council. On Saturday the students were split into their individual committees and had to debate topics that real UN delegates would have to discuss, relating to real issues facing modern day politicians. This is a real test of the delegates debating skills, with the best delegates having the chance to be awarded certificates of Highly Commended Delegate or Distinguished Delegate, and if the student was to debate exceptionally well, then they could be awarded Best Delegate: a coveted prize. DCGS was awarded two certificates, both Highly Commended Delegate to Jonnie Kimmins (Year 10) and Amal Shakir (Year 10).

The General Assembly was on Sunday, a chance for delegates to make speeches in front of every other delegate; an intimidating event, but it comes with a chance to put your nerves and public speaking skills to the test. All in all, this was a great event for our delegates to improve their public speaking skills and to meet different students from different countries or different lifestyles, and we hope to be able to come back next year.