This month, our Spanish exchanges travelled here to England to take part in the second half of the exchange. After arriving at DCGS they were met by their English counterparts and went home to their exchanges' families. They were met with various different experiences with their exchange families, but all said that they had fantastic weekends.

The first week day visit was a packed trip to London for the Spanish students, followed the next day by an exciting visit involving both schools to Cambridge. We went on a boat tour of the River Cam and then spent the afternoon engaged challenge to visit as many different colleges as possible. It was a very fun day and everyone was exhausted by the time we arrived back at school. On Wednesday, the Spanish went on another excursion to London to see a number of historical sites. Again they arrived home satiated from a fun day packed with heritage and entertainment.

Then came the saddest day, because it was the last day. Our exchanges joined us for their normal period one lessons, and then went on a tour of Old Amersham during the remainder of the day. In the evening there was a farewell dinner at Pizza Express and we said our formal goodbyes - along with some more emotional goodbyes at the school bust stop the next morning.

A huge thank you again to all of the staff involved in the exchange, it really was a fantastic experience!