As the penultimate Friday of half term arrived once again, the fourth Charity Day of the year commenced. Teachers and students alike came into school wearing casual clothing, to raise money for charity.

On this occasion, The Africat Foundation and the comparatively more local Tiggywinkles hedgehog hospital were the selected charities. The first of these charities operates in Namibia, helping big cats and other native animals to survive, whilst under threat from illegal hunters roaming the wild. They work with farmers to teach more tolerant methods of protecting their livestock from predators; big cats like the lion. They teach new methods of protection and help the farmers to live peacefully alongside these beautiful animals. The other selected charity was Tiggywinkles, a local sanctuary for native animals, their specialty being the protection of hedgehogs. They provide care for any animal brought to them that is injured or alone, and donations help to keep their medical facilities going. These charities were chosen by members of the Sixth Form.

Challoner’s gathered in non-uniform to raise money for these two great causes, a total of £2436.47 collected for these highly deserving causes.