This year's House Netball was the second installment of the competition and after last year was so successful, Mr Deadman was hopeful for another fantastic tournament. The conditions really were perfect for it, in a rare late March mini-heatwave the sun was out and the temperature was in the high teens. A suggestion that the cricket season is around the corner perhaps? For now, though, the main focus was on netball and the teams for all six houses were filled with a dozen Year 12s all eager to play.

After the girls had spent a considerable amount of time explaining the rules to the boys, the tournament kicked off with favorites Holman winning numerous scores through captain Esme Deadman. Whilst many teams performed well there were really only two teams that stood out: Thorne, led by Alex Telford and Ella Lee; and Holman led by Esme Deadman and Charlie Barraclough. These teams would face each other in the final.

In front of an eager crowd that included headmaster Mr Atkinson and players from other houses, it was Holman who took a 2-1 lead going into halftime. However, Thorne managed to pull into a 3-2 lead through pinpoint shooting from Alex Telford. The game looked all but done, but no final is without its drama as with seconds on the clock Holman had a penalty shot. Silence fell and the shot missed. Thorne were the winners! The tournament was played in great spirit throughout and it was a really successful example of mixed sport being such a success. Thanks must go to Mr Deadman and his team for organising the event.

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