Writing a novel is a lot like climbing a mountain - such as Mount Everest. There’s a great similarity between the long and arduous practice of training for the climb, and making first, and second, and third, and fourth drafts of your novel. You have the start of the climb, then get higher and higher to reach your goal. You see your story come together, coming to life around you, no longer just in your mind.

Matt Dickinson came to speak to Year 9 to talk about his wild tales and adventures while climbing Mount Everest three times. He’s walked over dead men and sent friends back with fluid in their lungs. His life experiences have shown him things we can only dream of and he has turned these into stories.

As a writer and an ex-TV scriptwriter, he has created documentaries and stories that show the both mentally and physically challenging life of someone who’s brave enough to climb the tallest mountain in the world. His climbs have forced him to cope with inhospitable terrain and conditions - pushing him to the breaking point of what his body is capable of. It is this challenge which gives him the inspiration to write such fascinating literature. He showed us how following your dreams and interests will always lead to a life that’s fulfilling.