After the visit from our exchanges in October of last year we were all excited to be on the other end and stay in Marseille. We departed on the Wednesday morning with anticipation all throughout the journey, and after arriving at the airport we were picked up by our exchanges and their families. I don’t know everyone’s stories but I certainly enjoyed being taken across Marseille and seeing some sights before being shown where I would be staying and having some time to relax.

Later we met again at Lacordaire Preparatory and visited the Camargue Ornithological Reserve, where we saw some amazing birds and animals. We then had some free time in the walled city of Aigues-Mortes and to finish the day we had train tour of the Baleine salt production fields. The next day we started by going to see the Pont du Gard, a huge historic Roman aqueduct. Following this we had lunch in the large town of Avignon before touring the Palais de Papes (home of the popes during the period that they lived in France) and learned all about its structure and history. Finally we ended the day by walking on the historic, half-collapsed bridge Le Pont.

The weekend was spent with our exchanges and their families and once again I can’t talk for everyone but I had great fun, and I hope everyone else did too. On Monday we first went to the Les Carrieres, a light show of the paintings of Picasso and other Spanish masters. We relaxed and wandered about in the cliff side town of Les Baux afterwards, and finishing off we went to Arles where we saw the old Roman arena and amphitheatre. We also visited the part of town where Van Gogh spent many years living and painted some of his most popular classics.

Starting off the final day of activities in Marseille (and the area around Marseille) we stopped at Vieux Port - one of the biggest ports in Marseille - had some great views of the ocean. We journeyed to the seaside town of Cassis and had a delicious lunch, followed by a wavy boat tour of the nearby coast and free time on the beach. The next morning we said farewell to our exchanges and their families and flew home to England, saying goodbye to the French sun and making it back just in time to catch period five.

Thank you to Mrs Keen and everyone else involved in making this trip possible.