Recently English Literature students in Year 13 took a trip to London to enjoy a production of Shakespeare's Othello at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on the Thames.

A view from the stalls

Modernised yet reminiscent of Jacobean theatres, the playhouse was host to a production devoid of technological influence, for an authentic-at-heart experience with a few modern twists. One such development was the portrayal of Othello's lieutenant, Cassio, as female - introducing themes associated with sexuality for the audience to consider - adding a modern concern to the action. A small choir accompanied the events for an extra dimension of immersion, whilst the entire production was performed under varying levels of candlelight, again improving intimacy between the cast and audience.

In all, this was an innovative production grounded in authenticity, interweaving modern themes and concerns into such a domestic tragedy - wholly enjoyed by all present.