Poetry finalists

In a gripping and very competitive final for Poetry By Heart, Nathan Leach fought for a place as a National finalist and champion by reciting three poems over three days at Homerton College, Cambridge. Despite performing Gawain the Green Knight with immaculate pronunciation and impeccable understanding, reciting The Beast in the Space with originality and flawless elegance, and delivering Setting Out with compassion and flair, Nathan remained a representative of Central East.

Apart from competing, Nathan was also able to enjoy a tour of Cambridge, some creative workshops and got to meet famous poets - hearing them recite their work. Moreover, Nathan showed the Challoner's spirit and resilience by ensuring the Central East group was highly motivated and an exceedingly close network. Nathan's confidence on this residential, where he learnt about life in university - particularly the amount of food that can be provided at formal hall, was a pleasure to see. Nathan should be proud of his achievement in this difficult and prestigious competition.