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School sport is something that the nation should be proud of. The way it has changed to fit the modern day society is an amazing thing as there is always something to suit everyone no matter their size or hobbies. Dr Challoners Grammar School is brilliant at incorporating sport into every single student without forcing them. Sport is an essential part of every pupil's school career.

Here at DCGS we have a wide range of school sports. There are the more notable sports, such as football, rugby, hockey and basketball. In addition to this there are a wide range of less common sports, such as rock climbing and table tennis.

In schools at the moment, teenagers are experiencing countless benefits from participating in sporting events, from developing teamwork, camaraderie and safety to increasing personal skills. Pupils discover the challenges of both winning and feeling defeat.

Sport has had a huge influence in everyone’s lives in school. Whether it’s participating in a team or having a kick about with your friends. It brings people together and creates new and long lasting friendships that we will never forget. School Report has made us think about the benefits of school sport. It really does bring people closer together and it makes people happy. All sport in school should be a privilege whether it’s a Bucks cup final or lunchtime table tennis tournament.

The overall conclusion of this report is to make the most of the opportunities that are given to you in school sport and to not go through your school career without participating in any clubs!