Meeting a legend

Historian and former examiner Ben Walsh visited Challoner’s on Wednesday lunchtime to talk, to GCSE and A Level students about the importance of the subject of History. The Milton Library was packed full of eager students all intrigued to meet the author of their school textbooks, accompanied by many members of the History staff excited to meet him in person.

Ben focused his talk on the relevance of History in today’s society and consequently its importance in our lives. He argued that History develops many skills required in the modern world of work, including the ability to locate different sources to research the solution to a question or problem, the ability to critically reflect on your own thoughts and opinions, and then to persuade others that you have made a good judgement based on the evidence.

After a spectacular talk Ben answered questions from both students and staff, ranging from how his political opinions affected his work to his exam top tips from his experience as an examiner, whilst one student even went as far to ask whether he enjoyed writing his textbook! Overall the talk was a spectacular success which taught all of us how much we should value History in our lives and how grateful we should be to study such an interesting subject.