Getting hands on - Toby Pickard, Year 12
Analysing the samples - Toby Pickard, Year 12

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday the 12th of March, every Sixth Form student taking Biology as one of their A Level options took a short coach trip down to Mop End, an ecology centre just outside of Amersham. Here we were to engage in all of the fieldwork our course demanded, ranging from sampling techniques to the various biotic and abiotic factors that would affect and limit our results.

The day was split into two fieldwork events, one looking at plant life over a distance and the other a comparison of life in two different ponds. With both of these we required assistance with identification of the various animals and plants we came across, and by the end of the pond comparison we were comparing and contrasting which animal we had discovered was the most rare. Popular opinion dictates that the newt, Isaac (Named for Isaac Newton) was the most interesting find.

Analysing the samples - Toby Pickard, Year 12Toby Pickard, Year 12 The actual fieldwork was useful, as once the practical part had been completed, we were brought back inside to perform various statistical analysis tests on the data we had collected. We were relieved to see that our predictions made at the beginning of the day were mostly accurate, and just as we were putting the finishing touches on some more complex statistical analysis, we had to rush back to school to catch the buses.

Overall, it was a good day out, and incredibly useful for our A Level Biology course.