Presentation from Stonewall

Today, nine students from the Student Senior Leadership Team and Anti-Bullying Committee travelled to The Gateway conference centre in Aylesbury for the third Anti-Bullying Conference, organised by Buckinghamshire County Council. 14 schools from Buckinghamshire took part in the day and we were given talks by companies such as Stonewall and Show Racism the Red Card as well as other speakers - including students who shared their actions towards preventing bullying in their own schools. The topics were thought provoking and there were many in-depth discussions during the course of the day. Those of us who took part found the day very useful and many of the ideas presented by both the speakers and other schools have been taken into account and will be discussed in future SSLT meetings.

Probably one of the most informative talks of the day was from Show Racism the Red Card representatives Manisha Tailor and Francis Duku, as they highlighted the problems that gender inequality in football has created. Another talk from Stonewall demonstrated the effects of homophobic bullying, and how some terms that portray homosexual people as weak and inferior have become commonplace and, in many areas, wrongly accepted.

It was an engaging conference which we took a lot from - we will share back to the school the information we learnt soon.