End game boss - Anish Rajani, Year 10

As the spring term draws to a close, there is just enough time for one of the most highly anticipated Challoner’s 4 Charity events of the whole year, Peg the Teacher. In this charity event, Year 10s have to 'assassinate' target teachers by attaching a clothes peg to their target's clothing - without being caught doing so. As always, this sparks an uneasy atmosphere around the site, with teachers scurrying furtively from the refuge of one classroom to the next, and whips the whole year into excitement as the normal social order is turned on its head.

This year resulted in some remarkable pegging such as the moment in which Harry Gerrard from Rayner managed to peg his target within just three minutes of the competition starting. Furthermore, Nick Finn (also from Rayner) managed to be the first person to peg Mr Parsons, experienced peg avoider, in three years. He appeared to be losing his touch when he was yet another four times after that!

Then came the fatal day in which the final four (Ed Lunt and Peter Hughes from Rayner, George Budden from Pearson and Ollie Lomax from Foxell) battled it out to peg the final target – Dr Fenton himself. At the end of a day of furtively following Dr Fenton around, Ed managed to peg him first to win the competition, swiftly followed by Ollie and Peter. For George though it was unfortunately all too much and he crashed out of the competition.

It was a difficult but definitely enjoyable competition and in total £206.53 was raised for Cancer Research UK. It is important to note that this competition would not have been possible without Matthew Goodwin-Freeman and Isaac Shenoy, also in Year 10, who worked incredibly hard to make it possible. Thank you to Matthew and all the students involved, as well as the the good sportsmanship of the teachers.