The next fixture in the inter-school University Challenge competition saw the Challoner’s team of Niall Jones, Ciaran Walsh, Joshua Robey and John Slattery battling on DCGS’ home turf, in the Milton Library. The first game of the day would decide who played in the second, facing the Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, who had already triumphed in the regional round. It was up to Challoner’s or Bedford Modern to do the same. The game started with Bedford taking an early lead; however, with a good surge of questions towards the middle on ha-has, Agatha Christie novels and capital cities, the game was levelled, both sides jostling for the lead. With only a couple of minutes on the clock, Challoner’s started to dominate, pushing through to success at the end of the game.

Sad defeat

This pitted HABS against DCGS, with both schools boasting long strings of previous successes. Our opposition started strong, and despite fighting hard in our corner, the strength of the Haberdashers' side and Challoner’s lack of familiarity with Bridget Jones’ Diary culminated in a victory for Haberdashers', scoring 790 points to DCGS’ 380.

Sadly ending dreams of national finals, we now look to next year, when we hope to progress even further through the rounds. Thanks must go to Dr Fenton for involving the school in the competition.