In the latest DCGS charity event the main hall foyer held host to a pop-up second hand bookshop aimed at Years 7 and 8. The event coincided with this year’s World Book Day as a way of promoting reading at Challoner's. In addition to this all money raised was donated to Book Aid International - a charity set up with the aim of providing books, new and old, for children living in poverty all around the world. Organised primarily by 10 Foxell (under the guidance of Mr Millar), the temporary shop opened at the start of lunch and enjoyed an especially busy first half hour. After the initial rush, students trickled in, gathered in small groups to peruse the large selection of 300 books. To provide an extra incentive for students to purchase their next interesting read, each pupil came away from the stall with a free cupcake, courtesy of the hardworking organisers.

In the weeks leading up to the event, students across all years helped out, donating any pre-read books that were aimed at the younger year groups. Promotion of the event was led by the Year 10 Drama class, who scripted and performed a short piece during KS3 assemblies, demonstrating both the importance of reading and some of the good work that Book Aid supports. With their help, 10 Foxell were able to raise over £300 for Book Aid, thanks no doubt to a stellar advertising campaign involving posters placed in notable positions all around the school, each showing prominent African figures imploring students to donate books. Further publicity was created by a competition rewarding the student who was able to correctly guess all of the figures.

Browsing for books
Queuing for books

The event was a huge success and I would like to thank all those involved for making the event happen so well. If you would like to support the charity, please visit the Book Aid International website.