The Warhammer club continues to go from strength to strength. Its membership has grown to 56 this year from across all year groups and provides the resources and support to help students improve their modelling painting and tactical skills. It should not be underestimated how much this also helps with literacy and numeracy skills, as well as encouraging critical thinking, perseverance and problem solving. It encourages good sportsmanship, fair play and mutual support.

Mr Keen and Mr Burn have been running an internal league tournament between the students to determine the best players. This has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm, but also excellent sportsmanship, with veteran and more successful players, coaching other players to improve. This year it has been very close, with the lead swapping between numerous challengers.

Using their tournament statistics, an A and B team were chosen to play in the National School league where both teams did incredibly well, defeating the opposing teams by a considerable margin. They are now through to the regional finals in the prestigious Warhammer World headquarters in Nottingham and if they win here they will go through to the National Final.