7 Thorne have successfully completed their 1000km triathlon challenge, which culminated with a 210km run around Hervines Park on Wednesday morning. The form exceeded expectations on so many fronts, raising well over their £1000 target, cycling over 900km even though the target was 776km, and swimming the distance of nearly two lengths of the English channel instead of the one length required of them. The sheer determination of the students throughout the challenge was both infectious and inspiring.

The challenge would not have been possible without the support of the parents. Many battled the unforgiving hills of Wendover Woods and cheered them on during the swimming and running. Mr Deadman, Mr Burn and Mr Holloway gave a tremendous level of support by taking part in and helping to organize various aspects of the challenge and Mrs Sealy was instrumental in assisting them from start to finish. 7 Thorne feel very fortunate indeed to be given so much support and encouragement.

We’d like to thank all individuals and families who sponsored 7 Thorne, the donations and messages left were a huge motivational factor. As well as helping the charity, the students were given numerous opportunities to stretch themselves, work as a team and conquer individual difficulties. And of course, a huge thank you to Form Tutor, Mr Savvides, who put in an exceptional amount of work, from setting up the donation page, arranging posters and designing cycle routes as well joining the students in completing the triathlon. It was a real challenge for all concerned, and an experience they will never forget.