Two years ago the school embarked on a search for a Spanish partner school. After much deliberation, we chose IES La Flota Murcia to be our new friends. IES La Flota Murcia seemed an ideal match as the school is very similar in size and makeup to DCGS. It is also well renowned for sending its school leavers to prestigious universities, both within Spain and abroad.

Mr Walter spent a week in Murcia first, teaching and meeting senior staff, and then just before half term break 39 students and 4 staff travelled over for the inaugural student visit. On arrival they met up with their Spanish hosts and although slightly apprehensive, they were also excited as they went back with them to learn about life in their homes. The rest of the week consisted of lessons in school and local visits to Murcia as well as two day trips to the beautiful town of Cartagena. They also visited Parque Minero de la Unión/Mina Agrupa Vicenta and relaxed at the Balneario Termal de Archena.

The visit was hugely successful. The 39 host families were delighted with how well the students integrated into their Spanish way of life and the students have come back to school even more determined to become fluent in Spanish!