Enrichment Day this February saw yet another flurry of activities around the school site as students and staff spent time trying a variety of different events and experiences.

Learning at Challoners’ saw Year 7 students getting to grips with setting objectives and planning when they were tasked with creating House competitions for next year. They spent the day within their form groups and each group got involved with different activities such as cooking, fox and hounds and the £5 challenge, where they had to use financial skill to buy and sell to achieve the highest profit. Year 8’s had a busy time with the Commonwealth Games. They spent the morning learning about the Empire and the Commonwealth and then competed in a mini Commonwealth Games playing games such as Bowls, Table Tennis and Golf.

The year 9 group spent Enrichment Day this February participating in a number of different sessions including; Stress Management, Dance, Sex and Relationship, Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Internet Safety. Students rotated around the different sessions resulting in gaining some knowledge and understanding of topical issues whilst having a large amount of fun. A highlight for all was learning a Street Dance where the entire year group finished the day off by participating in the Dance together which also included an impressive ‘Dance-Off’

The Army were drafted in to help Year 10 students hone their Team building and Leadership skills which was achieved with a series of twelve activities such as using a wire pulley to retrieve the Black box and solving a number cube, 6ftx 6ft which needed additional Sudoku skills! They were encouraged to set clear objectives and to plan, and learnt that it was good to use trial and error in some cases to get a job completed. Enterprise Day for Year 11’s was spent at Latimer House where they worked with The Variety Club who are looking to start a campaign to raise awareness of the work they do amongst young people. The students were invited to come up with ideas to kick start the campaign and their brief was to design a fundraising event. They worked in groups throughout the day and then presented their ideas. The Variety Club have taken these back to the drawing board and hopefully they will use some of the great suggestions.

Year 12’s took up The London Challenge which offered them the chance to explore the capital. They were given the tasks beforehand so that they could research and plan and then set off in their form groups on the day. They followed clues and riddles to find all the places in the five challenges, taking photographic evidence a proof, and we’re pleased to report that they all made it back safely to Amersham! The Year 13 students were having a more leisurely day playing a variety of different sport which many welcomed as PE lessons are not compulsory in upper 6th.

The day was a great success with students and staff enjoying the opportunity to undertake new activities and learn new skills.