Photography club welcomes everyone, every Thursday lunchtime and around 10 people participate each week. Club members use cameras and expand their photography skills by taking a unique variety of photos. Recently they had a Planner Competition whereby the winning photo would be used on the front cover of next year’s school planners. For three weeks, the club took some of the most confident and finest photos you can see.

Mrs Prime and Mr Anning hosted the competition and it wasn’t an easy choice to pick three photos to go onto the brand new planners. Around 50 photos were submitted. It really was a difficult task to pick only a few, but the photos that were picked did not only stand out, but displayed the core values of the school and also its more colourful aspects. Vanislav Yordanov won the Year 7 competition with a breathtaking photo symbolising our school values. For the Year 8/9 band, Yusuf Baraky won with an artistic photo showing the Tower Block in different colours. Finally, for the Year 10/11 planner, Sebastian Hudson won with a stunning photo symbolising friendship.