In February, a DCGS Art and Photography competition was launched to students in Years 7 to 9. The theme for this year was "Identity". The challenge: to create a piece of artwork about who you are, what you enjoy and what makes you, you! The theme was the brainchild of an enthusiastic DCGS student teacher with a passion for collage. Entries had to be created in this format, using cuttings and clippings from newspapers, magazines, photographs and online images. Consequently, there was a huge variety of stunning results!

Competition entries were judged by Miss Day-Haynes and Mrs Ravenscroft-Hull, based on the artwork’s overall look, the effort put into creating it, strength of the theme of identity and inventiveness.

In total, an overwhelming 111 entries were submitted and points were awarded as follows:

1 point for entering

4 points if shortlisted

6 points for third place

8 points for second place

10 points for first place

And now for the winners … (drum-roll, please!)

Year 7 saw an all-Rayner podium, with Thomas Butcher’s highly creative Rubix cube-style entry winning first place. Alexander Boucher’s collage of cars, toys and games claimed second and Magnus Astall’s thought-bubble design was awarded third.

Year 8 had a close finish between Pearson and Holman. Pearson achieved first place with Eddie Brampton’s colourful collage, but Alexander Deakin-Radkov got second place for Holman with his bright-orange artwork showing different aspects of his life. However, Lakindu De Silva and his skillful drawings achieved Pearson the third position, meaning it was an overall win for 8 Pearson.

Finally, in Year 9, Jay Marsh’s complex collage and Kai Anderson’s multicoloured masterpiece earnt Thorne first and third place, with Alexander Whittaker getting second place for Pearson with his amazing ‘Alex’s Anatomy’ artwork!

Overall, this was a competition which inspired lots of creativity and unique ideas and I think that all the students who entered really enjoyed expressing themselves through the art of collage. Subsequently, there was a wide range of amazing entries and, as Mrs Ravescroft-Hull commented: This competition generated an exciting selection of original and inventive entries and, as always, it was tremendously difficult to judge!

So, well done to everyone who entered and the worthy winners!