There’s a lot to look forward to for the Year 12 students at the moment. But perhaps, for me, one of the most exciting events coming up is the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, forming a crucial section of the Gold award. Dr Challoner’s have collaborated with Ocean Rock Adventure for many years running, helping students on their trek with pre-made meals and anoraks.

Our full day of the training, back in April, was a well-needed reminder for those who completed their Bronze award, taking on the challenge once again (however, this time, free of interruptions that had resulted due to the pandemic). With Gold being my first experience of the award scheme, the basics of what to bring was essential. Hearing the various other activities others had been completing for their requirements demonstrated just how committed everyone is to the award - amongst other things, cooking, driving, teaching, and running were all popular routines students had adopted. After finalising the route and agreeing on the acceptable number of pre-made dinners to bring, there was a general level of excitement for the trek in July.

Another key part of the experience was connecting with the group - it was a new, positive experience for everyone and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There is a lot to be prepared for and, as a result, a lot to be positive about for succeeding in this expedition.

Thank you to Mr Sharp and Ocean Rock for organising the event.